ARTWORKS 1999 - 2015

I started with graffiti in 1994. For several years I was busy painting letters and applying them to walls with spray paint. At some point, however, this became too one-sided for me and I began to explore figurative representations. I drew a lot with pencil and pastels.
At some point, I discovered oil paints for myself and mixed various techniques from street art with this classic style of painting.

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“Homage to Cope2, Rakis, Tracy 168 (R.I.P.), Ink 76, Ges, Wut, AlexOne, Pose 2, Other and Yen (R.I.P.).”
Acrylic paint on paper.
50 x 65 cm
30. May 2005

"Acid Free Zone."
Acrylics on sign.
32,5 x 37 cm

"Untitled painted bottles."
Spraypaint and acrylics on glassbottles.

"Faces in a black hole."
Spray paint and oil paint on canvas.
50 x 40 cm
13. December 2003

"Fading sunset."
Spray paint on canvas.
30 x 70 cm
13. October 2002

 "Human eye."
Spray paint on wood.
60 x 80 cm
21. July 2002

"Untitled collage."
Pencil on paper.
30 x 42 cm
30. March 2001

"Untitled collage II."
Pencil on paper.
30 x 42 cm
13. October 2000

"Charles Bukowski."
Oil on canvas.
30 x 40 cm
31. May 2000