During the years I contributed to various books, magazines and videos. Despite my own written articles, here are some publications of my visual work only.


Celebrate People’s History by Josh MacPhee
Josh collected a series of poster-artworks by artists from all over the world in his Celebrate People’s History project. The poster-campaign aimed to celebrate the resistance and struggle of people in our history to keep their struggle in the communal mind. I contributed three works and two were printed, as you can see further down. Now this book shows all the great designs for this poster-campaign.

You can find my poster designs on pages 116, 206 and 210.

Feminist Press, New York
ISBN 978-155861677-6


Reproduce & Revolt by Josh MacPhee & Favianna Rodriguez
This book is an open-resource with political artworks by international artists for free use for everyone. It contains four of my drawings and stencils.
Soft Skull Press, Brooklyn
ISBN 978-0-9796636-1-1

Bomb it! by Jon Reiss
I have met Jon in Los Angeles, where he interviewed me at ManOne's studio. I sent him some of my photographs for the movie as still and he used one or two of them in his film. It is a nice documentary about the world-wide graffiti movement. 


Irrawaddy Magazine - Volume 15 #12 - December 2007
In this issue of the magazine about Burma and South-East Asia one of my portraits of the Moustache Brother's Par Par Lay is printed. 

Celebrate People's History - 8.8.88
Another contribution for Josh MacPhee's poster series, this time I contributed a drawing about the democratic uprising in Burma in August 1988.
You can order the poster here.


Celebrate Peoples History - White Rose
This nformative poster series by Josh MacPhee brings the world's struggles in public's mind. I contributed this drawing about the White Rose resistance group against Hitler's Nazi-Germany.
You can order the poster here.


Blek Le Rat - London Calling by Christophe Beaucourt.
A nice little movie about the French stencil icon Blek Le Rat. I do appear in this movie, while Christophe interviewed me in London during the book launch party of my first book Graffiti World.

(A book) Designed to Help
This book is an artistic donation for the victims of the tsumani in Thailand on 26 December 2004. The financial income will go to the victims. You can find my artworks on page 155.
Die Gestalten, Berlin
ISBN 3-89955-077-3


Street Logos by Tristan Manco
A nice book about logo-graffiti, that was released by Thames & Hudson, London. Tristan used some of my photographs in his book.
Thames & Hudson, London
ISBN 0-500-28469-5

Documento Graffiti #21
This graffiti magazine from Sao Paulo, Brasil contains three of my walls.
Editora Escala, Sao Paulo
ISSN 1519-1567


Graffit it! #8
The French graffiti magazine published one of my canvases in their number #8 issue.
Graffit it! Productions, Gentilly Cedex
ISSN 1634-6993

Arcano2 #7
This Italian graffiti magazine contains one of my walls.
Arcano2, Favaro Veneto


Dulzinea #1
This lyric magazine from Fulda, Germany contains two of my paintings. One shows the great author Charles Bukowski.
ISSN 1618-470X