I visited Nepal for the first time in 2008 and spent several months during the following years. Most of the time, I spent my time within the Tibetan refugee communities in Nepal for an upcoming book project.
Many of these images here are now history. On 25. April 2015, the country was shaken by a big earthquake and many of the historic buildings were destroyed. Moreover, the already poor state of the society has now drifted further down their muddy road.

  The holy Buddhist Boudha stupa in Kathmandu.

A Dalith (The Untouchable Caste) girl near Kavre village.

  A family planting rice near Sindaya Tole in Terai region nearby the border to India.

  The Hindu Janaki Mandir temple in Janakpur.

Two women inspecting the glass-armrings of a vendor in Patan.

  A smoking Sadhu at the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu.

  Two boys of the lower caste of Dalith's visiting a pre-school sponsored by an aid organisation.

The colourful Gaj Jatra festival, where the Hindu families commemorate their loved one's, who passed away in the previous year.

  The Hindus burn the bodies of the people, who passed away at their temples and put the ashes into the holy rivers.

  A young boy gets his hair shaved at the Janaki Mandir temple in Janakpur.
It is an initiation ceremony to become a man.

Patients inside Kathmandu's main BIR hospital.

An old woman in a home for leprosy patients outside the capital Kathmandu.